Yeah! That was the date October 22, 1879!!!

Yeah! That was the date October 22, 1879 after that, no one has slept. It was in my opinion the most revolutionary moment in all of the human civilization. No, No, not electron, wheels, automobile, aviation, telephone, mobile phone or iPhone. It’s the light bulb.

One man’s patient has proved too disturbing for the rest of us (pun intended).Thomas Elva Edison did not invent bulb, Humphry Davy did in 1801 called as “Arc Lamp” and then nearly six to eight inventors tried to improvise the bulb and tried to keep the bulb lighted longer. Joseph Swan invented the light bulb in 1860, but Edison made first practical bulb burned continuously for 13 hours and Edison’s “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” Worked and that was that.

“Burning midnight oil” is a misnomer; we actually burn

Mr. Edison’s bulb or some improvised form of light bulb.

I think no would have scored 9 or 10 pointer in their SAT’s or 99.99 or may be 100% percentile in their exams if it wasn’t for Mr. Edison’s perseverance.

It’s funny when we used to study in night just a day before exam (the only day I studied) and then on some tragic day we had to suffer from power cuts and then we burn a candle to mug up as much as possible. This is nothing as compared to what life would be before 1879. Railway and telephone was invented before light bulb was invented, two of the most important inventions, without lights, must have had taken great effort. I imagine had it been possible to invent diodes, television, computer, if the most important invention been not invented first.

Life has changed since then, some of us have became nocturnal and insomniacs. We are no longer afraid to go out in night. We don’t stop because the sun has set, we keep moving because we have lights.

Can we live without lights? No, I can’t, I remember sometimes when I am walking on a street in night and there are no lights I start singing a song or humming some tunes. Why?

Is it because I just like this song so much?

I think it is to avoid fear, we deal with darkness in our own way, some sing songs, some immediately remember some distant friend and call them faking they just wanted to talk to them, “Its been so long”.

Remember times when power goes out and after sometime (in some villages it comes after few months) when its back and seeing the bright light brings brightness on everyone’s face. That’s the power of light.

We dance, sing, travel, party, run, play, study, fly, drive and just do not stop, why?

Answers, in the song by American pop artists Kanye West and Rinanna is:

All of the lights

Cop lights, flash lights, spot lights
Strobe lights, street lights
All of the lights
All of the lights
Fast life, drug life
Thug life, rock life
Every night

All of the lights

Yes it’s about Lights and how it changed our lives. Just switch off all the lights and you will know what I mean.

Cop lights have made us feel safe from crime, robbers, and thugs. We live in democracy and law protects us. But, has law actually protected us or made us fear even more so, law and order has became a Ping-Pong game for rich and powerful, they bought it and made it a business for which we the people invest (pay taxes) and they get the profit and protection.

At the end we are scared of the cop lights because it’s the darkness (Corruption) behind those cop lights which has made us fear such lights.

Flashlight has made us more courageous and matured. We are no longer afraid of following our dreams and ready to travel with road less travelled with a Flash lights (willpower and confidence) our courage has increased many folds. We are no longer scared of failure and yes it’s just a stepping-stone for success.

Spotlight will show our talent to the rest of the world. Talent is good but it takes it takes spotlight to tell the rest of the world and it is not that easy as it sounds. Taking a spotlight is no easy task everybody wants it. Why should you have it and once they find it no one wants to leave it. It is very addictive and this addiction can lead to fatal results if not handled well. Look at some of the successful people who lost everything and lost it because of drugs, extravagant lifestyle, and lust for more.

Strobe light in discos, parties and pubs has made us dance and sing together with no differences and boundaries. Strobe light is symbolic to music and art, which has no boundaries, no religion and no color. Everything under the sky is one and integrated. No language and no countries, just oneness of being.

Streetlight made us progressive. Yes we became insomniacs to pursue our goals.

Then plough deep while sluggards sleep, and you shall have corn to sell and to keep. Work while it is called to day, for you know not how much you may be hindered to-morrow. One, to day is worth two to-morrows.”


There is no stopping for doers and no way for sluggards.


It could be the lights in our home while we have our dinner and share out joys and sorrows or lights, which show us the way to our destination when we are lost. Light has taught us to hope against the hope. That’s what Edison gave us hope and patience overcome anything.


Believe in your light,

Coz your wings are too bright.

So, keep on lighting,

Keep on shining,

Keep on fighting

Coz you are the light

You are just too bright…

So shine all you can and

 Be so bright, others follow your light

Believe in your light,

Coz your wings are too bright.


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