Highlight of the day

It suddenly started raining (0-350 mph in 2 secs, pun intended) last Saturday when I was returning from a cafe with a cup of hot cappuccino in my hand. I ran towards a shed and thought why did I ran away from rain, it had rained after the scorching summer and I should enjoy the moment.

I did what my heart told me to do so, with hot coffee in my hand and my favorite songs in my music player, I made that act “walking in the rain” my “moment of the day” or I like to call it “Highlight of the day”. That night I decided every day I will do something which will be my “Highlight of the day” moment. Or life would be just a routine.

It could be just to smile at someone you see everyday but never say anything. It could be to help a stranger or dance crazily on the middle of the road (never gonna happen). If everyday I live “Highlight of the day” moment then I am sure someday my life will be a highlight…tough, but I did started…What’s your “Highlight of the day” moment?


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