Can’t get enough sleep: Blame it on Edison…:(


First impression is the last impression, until you make the next one.



Imagine a world with no one getting angry. You met an accident, some idiot come your way from wrong side crashed your vehicle. You bled and bruised, but amazingly both of you stood up and give smile to each other and went your way. Strange!, isn’t it?

Especially in spiritual teachings we are told to block emotions like anger, selfishness, frustration, depression and many more in some way and give more profound emotional response.

Don’t you think it’s important to get angry when someone scratched your car? After all you don’t want to give the impression that you are too laid back or too weak to raise your voice. People taking your kindness as weakness is more dangerous. Your angry response is merely an assertive statement saying “This will not be tolerated”.

Lord Buddha first sought salvation for himself then went on to help others. Selfish Siddharatha, Generous God!

Being selfish can be pretty joyful experience after all, as long as you are not too selfish that you overlook the people around you. Taking care of oneself is also important so, you can take care of your near and dear ones better, having resolved your concerns first. Better walk with less baggage, so you can move faster.


Its better to be king in hell than to be slave in paradise.

A friend of mine used to tell me, if someone calls you are an idiot then maybe you can laugh it off, maybe reply by saying he is an idiot, if two person call you idiot you will not like it, if same is done by three it will make you angry, four of them will make you frustrated, five will make you annoyed, ten will make you depressed and after twenty you will accept that you are idiot for sure. Remember this, you could be a genius but, others opinion could make you believe in something which is actually opposite. So its important that you have people in your life who say the f-word when it is needed to be said, not the G-word (God/Good) which they think is right.

Spirituality imposes rules that makes everyone photocopies of Goodness, whereas we can be uniquely evil by being what we are.

Emotional outburst is complementary to blissful silence.

Just like sound (music) is to silence, one cannot create music/melody without pauses/silence in between. Or else why would people go for hiking, mountaineering, river rafting and camping in forest when sweet home has all the comfort we need, want or desire. Shout out loud more often to feel normal, scream at somebody to let the steam off, cry to your hearts content you will lighter.

Deep down all of us seek the opposite, that’s the reason for all the anger, jealousy, selfish, arrogance, frustration and depression because without them we will never completely understand life and its various manifestations. Routine life makes us dull and dumb, its like a sharp knife loses its sharpness and becomes blunt, forgetting its true nature. Just live your life your way and forget about hell and heaven and those teachers and preachers and most importantly keep walking because this is not the end…


(Lines in italics are few tantalizing tidbits, some facts others philosophical.)

P.S. So, are you the king of hell or a slave of paradise?